260 new nest spaces for this year’s swifts.

After today’s fittings we have managed to top 260 new nest spaces and it’s all thanks to each and every one of you that have taken part in our 9 month long nest box scheme that was only supposed to run for a couple of weeks.

We are keeping everything crossed that swifts will adopt the homes you are offering. These things take time but it’s just great that we’re all giving them a helping hand right now when they really need it.

Additional, encouraging insects in your gardens with insect friendly plants, and refraining from using weedkillers will all help boost food sources for these birds, and there’s plenty of information out there on how you can do that.

In the meantime, I’ve being doing the map again! Again – please think about plotting your box on the swift mapper if you have a moment, and also, please don’t hesitate to plot resident swifts in general. We’re looking to record existing swift colonies more formally so that we can boost initiatives to protect them – so watch this space!

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