We provided 117 nest spaces in 2021. We look forward to providing many more in 2022.

It has been a rollercoaster year for S6 Swifts. We were founded, we reached out to the public with an idea, and the public thought it was great. So we ordered boxes, fitted them, gave advice and went from strength to strength. It’s been an incredible journey so far and the timing has never been more critical. Swifts are on the red list which has made this initiative even more important. Our latest fitting day resulted in a running total of 117 new nest spaces ready and waiting for the swifts when they return. 17 more than Emma’s initial aim of 100.

And we lost Emma. Emma was the driving force behind the establishment of S6 Swifts. She didn’t mess about. She ensured we got stuck in to get the initiative off the ground. No time was wasted and we have achieved so much already because of Emma. We will always be thankful for that and will ensure her legacy lives on. Already we have a number of orders for 2022 and our next fitting days are scheduled for February. Thank you to everyone who’s already acquired a box and thank you to those who have ordered one recently. And thank you Emma. Happy new year to all and here’s to an exciting 2022.

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