Second fitting day – 10 more swift nest boxes!

On the 16th August 2021, S6 Swifts ran their second swift next box fitting day.

Today we fitted 11 more swift boxes in Hillsborough, Walkley and Loxley. Like last time, there were mostly Double Boxes so added up to homes for 18 pairs of swifts! One person even went for two Double boxes fitted on the front of her house, and we fitted several with the ‘bat back’ option which has an added bat roosting chamber behind the box.

Once again thanks to our fitter, Jan. Thankfully it was a much cooler day than last time!

We were joined by Nicola and Fran from newly-formed S11 Swifts for part of the day. They’d come along to have a taster of swift box fitting and to have a chat about their plans for the group. We’re really pleased to see a new group taking shape and would really like every part of Sheffield to have its own swift group! We know the demand and interest is there because we receive enquiries from all over the city.

We’ve got another fitting day next week and will then plan for another one in September. We need to think about moving into ‘winter mode’ and also ensuring our project is sustainable so we don’t burn out. Emma is still determined to get to 100 boxes and we’ve ‘only’ done 21 so far…

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